How to Find Your Pad Style?

It may be our first time ever owning a home or a living space where we have the freedom to turn it into any style of our choosing. But how do we find our style? Here are a few ways to give you a head start on creating your style for your home.

Warm and Comfortable

Farmhouse country and rustic contemporary combine wood and metal furnishings with soft fabrics, warm throws, comfy pillows and plush rugs. Antique and copper finishes are a must!

Luxurious and Glamorous

Hollywood regency and hollywood glam combine smooth fabrics like velvet and satin with metallic and glass accents. Don’t be afraid to add real or faux fur to the motif.

Strong and Sturdy

Industrial and rustic combine distressed finishes with strong metal and wood furniture. If you really want to bring the style to new levels, add leather upholstery and exposed hardware furniture to the setting.

Minimal and Spacious

Mid-century modern and minimalist combine functional and sustainable furnishings with perfectly placed accents. Less is more. Most of the clutter is gone or hidden in seamless storage compartments.

Eye-catching and Exposed

Bohemian and eclectic combine a medley of materials, fabrics and accents creating a feast for the eyes. Cozy, comfortable and filled with surprises, this design style gives you room to play with a variety of accents and furnishings.

Serene and airy

Coastal combines pastel and neutral colors, light hues with wood, wicker and rattan furnishings. Don’t leave out the plush sofa and chair cushions with sheer chiffon curtains.

Ornate and Traditional

French Provincial and traditional combines feminine silhouettes with ornate furnishings. Floral and fauna pattern upholstery. Light finishes with dark accents and copper or brass metallics.

Do any of these styles intrigue you? Your pad is worth it. Be good to your pad by finding your pad style!

Tips for the Ultra-Organized (or for those who want to be!)

Many of us like to slow down as the winter months approach. But this season, we are bringing our space into full gear with tips for the ultra-organized. Out with the old, in with the new! Plus, it feels good to declutter and give away our duplicates or the scarf we love but never wear to our friends, family members or a charitable organization!

Declutter, Donate, Give as Gifts

Lets start with the basics. Before we can get ultra-organized, we need to give away those items we never use or have too many of. We are talking kitchen appliances, clothing, shoes, home decor and even furniture! Minimalism is a lifestyle not just an interior design style. Take a look at what you have. Never used or worn? Give as gifts this season! If not, donate to charity. If you can’t put it to use, someone else will. It is time to start getting rid of those duplicates. I doubt you’ll need 6 types of dishware sets. The pottery you have wrapped in your closet but have no place for it? Wrap it up and give it away. Trust us, it feels good and you barely miss it once it is gone.


Now that we have the clutter out, we can start labeling what we have. This goes specifically for the kitchen. We can label our shelves, separating bread and grains from canned goods and packaged items. Tupperware, mason jars or even decorative containers for our spices, loose grains, rice and legumes. It won’t be difficult to find what you were looking for while cooking a homemade meal now!


Grab yourself vacuum sealed clothing storage bags or large storage containers for your off-season wear. This is just style-based but goes for the different seasons. Why have your favorite pair of shorts and tank top in your dresser or closet hanging around when it is snowing outside? These garment bags and garment containers are designed to fit underneath your bed or in tight spaces. They keep them from getting wrinkled, prevent moths from entering and stop wear and tear from occurring.

Closets and Storage

Louis Vuitton just came out with a sneaker storage box! Yes, a place to store all of your favorite pairs of sneakers and/or shoes. Easy to find and in one container. It may be pushing it for some, but for the ultra-organized this a dream come true! Sneaker storage boxes are one way. Other ways include, sectioning off your closet based on clothing uses. For example, work clothes versus casual clothes. A separate section for hats (yes, they still make hat boxes!) Even keeping the boxes your shoes come in is a handy way of keeping your favorite pair of heels or doc marten boots in good shape. Don’t underestimate the power of compartmentalization.

Ceiling Shelves

You can install ceiling shelves to put all your belongings up, instead of down. Ceiling shelves add scale and height to the space. They allow for more floor space and storage down below. If compartmentalized properly, they add visual aesthetic to your space instead of diminishing it. Keep the book on one shelf and the DVDs on another. Be sure what you place on the shelves is functional for the space they are in. For example, your living room with the TV and with the reading chair, makes the perfect spot for these specific items.


Even in mid-century modern homes, which oftentimes have open floor plans, there is a distinction from one room to the next. It can be as simple as changing the color of the walls, separating the dining room from the living room. However, you can also use blocking with furnishings or partitions to section off one room from the next room. A style change from one room to the next may take a bit more finesse. It is absolutely possible with the right decor and furniture!

Now that you know some helpful tips to get ultra-organized, you can appreciate what you have even more! Don’t let anyone fool you, organization is an essential key towards success!

6 Modern White Pumpkin Displays For Thanksgiving

White pumpkin accents for Thanksgiving centerpieces and fall decor keep things clean, chic and simple for the holiday. Modern without being too minimal, contemporary without lacking cohesion and eye-catching without being ostentatious. Use these white pumpkin autumn accents for a present day spin on traditional fall design.

Pop a few different sized white pumpkins combined with golden wheat in a brown wicker cornucopia.

Arrange the same sized white pumpkins in a straight line along a wooden board. You can keep as is for a minimalist approach to this Thanksgiving centerpiece design or you can embellish your pumpkins with cranberries, foliage or one other colorful natural accent.

Arrange various sizes of white pumpkins with cream hyacinth, white tealights in transparent glass candle holders and ash gray antlers. This autumn centerpiece has elements of rustic contemporary, shabby chic, southwestern, farmhouse country and minimalism style all rolled into one display.

For this autumn centerpiece, the white pumpkins along with an eye-catching shimmering metallic pumpking are placed on silver plated pedestals. They are surrounded by taupe tali balls and shredded white confetti. This white pumpkin centerpiece display would shine in hollywood regency, shabby chic, rustic contemporary and farmhouse country homes.

In this centerpiece design, the white pumpkins are placed (in no particular organized arrangement) in a wooden elongated box with dark metallic handles. The box is painted a neutral gray color accentuating the white of the pumpkins by creating a sharp contrast. A few tealights in glass candleholders are placed directly outside of the box to brighten up the space. This would make a beautiful Thanksgiving accent for a shabby chic, rustic contemporary or farmhouse country home.

Minimal and modern. This centerpiece uses the sharp contrast of shape and color to accentuate each accent. 3 small white pumpkins, a textured pale yellow gourd, a large gray pumpkin and 3 dried branches in a round white vase, each natural element stands alone without disrupting the cohesion of the design. They are arranged simply atop a white round plate.

Using fall home decor white pumpkins in your Thanksgiving centerpiece design will give you plenty of room to play with different combinations and variations. Neutral color palettes provide a simple starting point for versatility and creativity when creating a brand new modern fall accent for your living space.

6 Modern Kitchen Gifts for Women Who Love to Cook

Show the women in your life appreciation for their delicious cuisine and impeccable party hosting by getting them a gift that they can enjoy in the kitchen. From stocking stuffers to bigger gift items, you can get her something that she will love whenever she cooks or plans a party. Sleek, contemporary and functional – these 6 modern gifts are made for modern women who love to cook.

Bridges Tea Towel

This towel isn’t only made for handling your teapot, the Bridges Tea Towel can be used as a kitchen towel for drying dishes or cleaning up messes around the kitchen. It comes in 3 different modern designs to choose from. It is jacquard woven on 100% organic cotton.

Bamboo Hors D’Oeuvres Plate (Set of 4)

Made for hosting parties or adding appetizers to the mix before the main courses, these Bamboo Hors D’Oeuvres Plates are the perfect addition to her kitchen. They are made with a cut-out notch to hold stemware, raised edges for spillage, made from eco-friendly and reusable bamboo. They come in a set of 4 to keep the cheese plate separate from the meat plate.

Saddle Sink Caddy

This contemporary sink caddy easily pops onto the edge of her kitchen sink. The Saddle Sink Caddy design resembles iconic mid-century modern molded fiberglass chairs with its organic, seamless and functional style. They are made of flexible plastic and come in 3 different colors. Plus, they have holes at the bottom to ensure maximum drainage.

Cork Coasters

At first glance, these Cork Coasters look like beaded bracelets, but they are designed to protect the surfaces of her kitchen from hot pots and pans. They are a modern and unique take on the typical coaster. They can be hung when storing for extra drawer and counter space around the kitchen.

Bali 10 Wine Rack

An ultra-contemporary take on the wine rack, the Bali 10 Wine Rack is made of ribbon shaped bentwood. It holds up to 10 bottles of wine. Metal rods secure its visually unique design.

Longboard Serving Tray

Another great choice for anyone who enjoys hosting company or having parties. The Longboard Serving Tray comes with secure spaces to hold 1 wine bottle and 4 wine glasses. It is made of eco-friendly and durable bamboo.

From stocking stuffers to holiday gifts, these sleek, chic and modern kitchen accessories will ensure her party is flawless and her kitchen looks as good as she does.

Skip the Squares: Organic & Unique Decor and Furniture Form

The days of perfect rectangles and boxy squares are behind us. The modern approach to interior design factors in different forms with free-flowing and organic shapes.

The standard square end table or rigid rectangular dining table can be familiar and comfortable for us. But those shapes can easily become just plain boring! This is especially true if every furnishing is in this shape. It doesn’t hurt to try something different by breaking up the monotony of four-sided furniture with organic and unique forms.

Kidney Shaped Coffee Table

This funky Kidney Shaped Coffee table comes in standard finishes with a playful form shaped like an organ.

Marshmallow Sofa

This 1956 design called the Marshmallow Sofa resembles the rounded tops of giant marshmallows. It combines fun and sculptural all in one sofa.

Norman Bentwood Chair

An accurate reproduction of Norman Cherner’s iconic 1958 design, the Norman Bentwood Chair has a distinct cut-out backrest in the shape of an hourglass.

Palma Shelf

Why buy a straight-edged shelving unit when you can get one that is big, bold, round and just as spacious? The Palma Shelf is made of mango wood shelves with black iron pipe framing.

La Chaise

The eclectic and sculptural La Chaise chaise lounger features a remarkably unusual shape designed for those who like functional artwork as furniture.

Sputnik Table Lamp

The Sputnik Table Lamp combines 1950s retro style with futuristic design. It’s not your average table lamp but it sure knows how to brighten a room with its explosive lighting capabilities.

They might not be in your typical box-like shape, but these modern furnishings and contemporary home decor will add intrigue and dynamic design to your interior space. Don’t be afraid to try something different!

Clashing Colors and Prints – The Big No-No’s at Home

We may have our minds made up about what colors we want in our living space but some colors just DO NOT work well together. Many of these design faux pas have to do with tones of colors. While others are much more obvious. Let’s explore what color and print combinations do not look good together so you can avoid making these design mistakes in the future.

Navy Blue and Chocolate Brown

As a wood trim or a walnut finish, these two colors could possibly make a decent partnership, but it is difficult to pull off. For upholstery, steer far away from navy blue fabrics mixed with chocolate brown fabrics. These colors clash making the entire room look dull and drab. In fact, it can be very difficult finding the right shades that will marry the two colors for a harmonious setting. Ideally, as a rule of thumb, brown fabrics and brown upholstery should be used sparingly.

Too Many Animal Prints

Is this the house of a rockstar, the pad of a giglio or were you attempting to add a bit of glam to your space? A well-placed animal skin rug, a leopard print throw blanket accent or a zebra print upholstered chair may serve your space well. However, too many animal prints, whether or not they are the “same” print, will need a designer with a keen eye to orchestrate this properly. It may be possible, but if done wrong, the tackiness is strong.

Cherry Red and Bright Orange

Did anyone say “I’m lovin’ it?” Do you want your home to look like a fast-food restaurant or a welcoming sanctuary? These two colors separated can be absolutely stunning, but together – “did anyone want fries with that?”

Black Walls

You may think the color black will help the colors POP in your living space. Reality is, black walls do nothing but darken the entire atmosphere adding nothing but a grim and glum setting to your living space. They are nearly impossible to make look good unless your Morticia from the Adams Family. Even as a vampiric vixen, you may still have trouble enticing guests to spend the evening.

Decorative Letters and Words

We know this may be a trend among some instagram interior designers and other kitschy decor fans. However, lettering everything in your home with catch phrases or labels in “interesting” font is a bit overkill. One or two decals or embroidered pillows may look decent, but when it is overdone, it is tackiness to the fullest. Not only does it become cumbersome to the eyes, but it starts to make us feel like we are living inside of a dictionary come to life.

Now that you know some of the big No-No’s of interior design, you can start your journey towards better choices when designing your next room!

Best Practices for Housewarming Party Guests

The housewarming party is a tradition where new homeowners invite friends, family and loved ones to warm their home with their presence. Just as importantly, it is a great opportunity to receive gifts the new homeowners can put to good use in their new space. While some gifts may be solely decorative, others can be highly useful. There are many options to consider when choosing the best housewarming gifts. This includes the best practices for the new homeowner in your life when attending their housewarming party.

What do they need?

It never hurts to ask. A new homeowner may not have all the essentials necessary for the home. This includes kitchen appliances, electronics or even decorative wall art for their new living space. Always ask what they need and go from there.

Knowing what they have and what to buy

Once you know what they have and what they need, which may turn out to be nothing at all, think about what you can add to the space. They may not need a new microwave but perhaps you can get them an even better model than the one they already have. There are ways to upgrade their appliances and living essentials to make their new home complete.

Decorative Gifts

Decorative gifts can be a really fun way to get creative with housewarming presents. There are traditional gifts that are good gestures to give because they are designed to give good fortune or provide “blessings” to their new living environment. Other decorative gifts include artwork, wall art, sculptural art, candles, vases, clocks and even mirrors.

Bring an appetizer, dessert or entree

In order to be a housewarming gift, it doesn’t have to be inedible. You can bring a homemade meal to add to the party cuisine for the night. Even a nice box of pastries from a local bakery or a cheese platter will work. Some of us feel the love through our stomachs!

Being a good guest

Even if you come to the party empty handed, it doesn’t mean you aren’t giving back. How to give back with no gift? It is simple! At the housewarming party, offer to clean the dishes after the party is finished, cook a meal with them before the party begins or help to organize a room in their home that hasn’t been unpacked yet. Your love and care will not go unappreciated.

Housewarming is about the people, the food, the gifts and the love to be shared. There is no better way to add warmth to a new home than by the presence and kindness of family, friends and loved ones.

Decorating with LED lights and Repurposing Christmas Lights

As the holidays approach, we notice our neighborhoods getting brighter with christmas lights adorning the trim of homes and cascading from front yard trees. We may be quick to box them back up once the season is over. Perhaps this year, we can put them to good use inside of our homes even when the holidays are not around. These eye-catching led lights in an array of vibrant colors make perfect bright accents for anytime of year.

Bed Canopies

LED lights look phenomenal when strewn across a bed canopy draped across the ceiling and around the bed frame. Reminiscent of a fairytale, they create an inviting and whimsical design that envelopes the entirety of the bed lying beneath it. “Sweet dreams, Sleeping Beauty!”

Wrapped Around Mirrors

Surrounding your mirror with LED lights adds double brightness to the space. The lights reflect from the mirror while cascading vibrancy around the image (which is YOU, of course!) You are the star of your own show and “Darling! You look marvelous!”

Centerpieces and Mantel Accents

Place the LED lights in a homemade DIY centerpiece for the season. They add another element of eye-catching appeal to your already marvelous handmade accent. They truly come in handy for a romantic dinner at home when placed in a dining table centerpiece.

Photo Wall

String the LED lights across a wall in your bedroom, living room or office. Attach photos to the strings using a fastener such as clothespins to light up the photos of your favorite places and favorite people. This is a magical way to display photos without using picture frames.

Partition and Room Divider

This festive partition combines the frame of a 3-panel room divider with natural branches wrapped in mini LED lights. Not only does it separate the space, but it does so by brightening both sides in a decorative display of lights.

Floor Lights

To serve as a nightlight as you walk from one room to the next or as mood lighting for your living space, place mini lights across the floor hugging the wall.

Typically, LED lights are connected to a battery pack making it easy to not worry about plugging them into an electric outlet. Christmas lights, on the other hand, usually require a power outlet. Be sure to have an outlet nearby or able to run an extension cord to plug them in. The holidays aren’t the only time to light up your space with bright and beautiful lighting.

10 Best Romantic Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is where all the magic happens! Whether we are looking to seduce a lover or be encapsulated in our own heavenly oasis, there are ways to turn our bedroom into the sultry, seductive and romantic space we’ve always dreamed of. Incorporate these 10 best romantic bedroom ideas into your design motif to amp up the appeal.

Velvet Upholstered Beds

Arianna Velvet Bed

Smooth and luxurious, velvet is a very sexy fabric. It feels soft to the touch reminding us that bedroom furniture is meant to not only look good but feel good too. A velvet bed might be just what the doctor ordered.

Fur Decor and Furniture

Longwool Double Pelt Sheepskin Rug

Hollywood vixens go nowhere without their furs. It doesn’t have to be a mink coat or a rabbit fur hat to bring this romantic fabric into your life. Whether it is a sheepskin accent pillow, a fluffy fur rug or a plush fur upholstered vanity bench, fur will always remain one of the most desirable fabrics on the planet.

LED Lights Mood Lighting

LED Lights on Bed Canopy

Lighting can make all the difference when creating a romantic atmosphere. One way to bring the romance into the bedroom is with string led lights. They can be strewn across a bed canopy, trickled down an accent wall or hugging the trim of a wall in your bedroom. Romance isn’t only in fairytales.

Electric Indoor Fireplaces

You won’t have to renovate your home to heat up your bedroom with an electric indoor fireplace. They can be freestanding fireplaces or installed directly into a bedroom wall. Electric indoor fireplaces bring the flame into your bedroom to ignite your passions.

Silk and Satin Curtains

Silk and satin are two fabrics with a long history in romance. Curtains made of silk or satin are both regal and sensual. Be sure to adorn your windows with long draping curtains made of these sexy fabrics for a double dose of romance.

Color Choices

The color palette you choose for your bedroom plays a major role in creating a romantic atmosphere. Steer away from colors with a larger than life presence. Some of these colors include hot pinks, bright oranges, turquoise blues and bright yellows. They are very energetic colors. For your romantic bedroom, you will want colors that inspire serenity, relaxation and sensuality. Some of these colors include deep purples, dark reds, light pinks, striking golds and even pastels.

Chandelier Light Fixture

The dining room isn’t the only place in the house that is fitting for a romantic chandelier. This simple change to a bedroom can make a huge impact on the overall design. The beauty and charm of an ornate chandelier is an excellent way to bring the romance from above.

Bed Position

Did you know in Feng Shui, they recommend keeping both sides of the bed open? Meaning, do not push one side of your bed up against a wall. The reason is to invite healthy relationships into your life. When it is centered in your room with both sides of open, it welcomes more than just yourself into your life, not to mention your bed!

Bed Footers

Having a footer at the end of your bed is a romantic gesture to demonstrate the bed is separate from where we go about necessary activities like putting on our shoes in the morning. Whether it is one long bench, two separate benches or lounge chairs, the bed is for more than just a place to sit down.

Headboards and Canopies

No romantic bedroom is complete without a headboard or canopy surrounding their bed. Similar to bed footers, it defines the bed as separate from the rest of the space. In romance, our bed is the sacred space where the magic is made.

Romantic interior bedroom design will get the senses stimulated long before the heat between the sheets begins. Turn your bedroom into a romantic space with these ideas for a sensual and serene start to your love life.

How to Make a Zen Garden in Your Backyard

The purpose of a zen garden is for contemplation, meditation and relaxation. A zen a garden has a very distinct style with features that showcase the symbolism behind these important qualities.

The first instance of a zen garden stems from the 14th century in Kyoto, Japan. However, today you will find this popular garden style an appreciated art form in exterior landscaping. How do we achieve this look for our own backyard? There are several ways to make a zen garden for your peace of mind.


Many zen gardens create sandy areas similar to a children’s sandbox. The difference is the sand isn’t necessarily as deep as a children’s sandbox nor is it meant to be tampered with frequently. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with it. In zen garden design, white sand is used in sectioned off areas with one or two large rocks placed atop of it. Some people use large racks to create wavy patterns in the sand around the rocks and throughout it similar to the ripples of a river or body of water.

Rocks and Gravel

Many zen gardens use rocks and gravel to create designs that resemble a river with twists and turns throughout the landscape. There is a fluidity to the rocks and gravel. They are stagnant but still in motion.

Moss and Greenery

Moss is a common plant found in zen garden design. It can grow where many plants have trouble growing. It can also be used to fill any spots with exposed soil or soil that will no longer grow grass and other plants naturally. In places where plants will grow, try adding some greenery, foliage and flowers. Do not overload your zen garden with too many elements.

Creating Pathways

The pathways can lead to anywhere you choose in a zen garden. It may lead from one feature of the garden to the next, or it can wrap fully around the garden in a labyrinth style. Stepping stones and river rocks work like a charm when creating pathways around your garden.

Places to Relax

You can add seating to your zen garden for a place to rest as you admire your surroundings. A bamboo bench, a stone table with stone seating or a well-placed daybed. Avoid ornate furniture with too many embellishments. Stick to a minimalist japanese style for your furniture.

Water Source

It isn’t always necessary to have a source of water in your zen garden. However, some people like to add it to their motif. Think simple and still for water. You may have a small square pool with a large rock in the center or a tiny pond with bamboo planted off to one side.

Now that you know how to make a zen garden, you can begin your journey to making a serene sanctuary for you to enjoy outdoors in the comfort of your home.